Best Sellers

Irreverent Towels for All Occasions

These hilarious towels are always our #1 best seller...probably because you can't read one without thinking of someone who would laugh with you! We can't get enough of them. Be sure to check out our selection online, and if you're in the area, we have even more in-store!

Illuminaria Mini Porcelain Diffusers

Everyone loves a wonderful smelling space...wouldn't you agree? These intricate porcelain diffusers add a sophisticated, clean look to any decor.

Kumi Kookoon Silk-Filled Single Fill Pillows

Need we say more? Not only do they feel AMAZING to rest your face on...but the Mulberry silk fibers also provide many benefits to your skin and hair.
The single fill pillows are wonderful travel companions. For your everyday home pillow, check out the silk-filled extra fill pillows here. 

Kumi Kookoon Silk/Velvet, Silk-Filled Throw

This one is our personal favorite "one for me, one for you" gift.
(Two for me, maybe?) 😉
The white silk with white velvet throw is an ever-popular wedding gift, and almost inevitably, the fabulously generous giver ultimately decides they just HAVE to have one for themselves, too! If you want to know what heaven feels like, wrap yourself in one of these.